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Spring 2019 Course Outline -  Lectures , Assignments and Exams

Financial derivatives, whose valuation depends on a risk factor, will be defined, explored, and valued in this predominantly quantitative course. Binomial and Black Scholes models will be reviewed and applied to different scenarios. You will also learn hedging strategies effective in mitigating risk in this ever-changing market.

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Syllabus - Spring 2019

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Link to Text Book

Text Book

Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management 10th Edition

ISBN-13: 9781305104969

Authors: Don M. Chance; Roberts Brooks

Publisher: Cengage Learning

      Chapter    1, 2

Introduction & Structure of Derivatives Markets 

Chapter 6 

Basic Option Strategies 

Chapter 7 

 Advanced Option Strategy

Chapter 3 

Principal of Option Pricing
 Intro to Binomial Pricing Model - Method #1

Chapter 4 

Option Pricing Models:

The Binomial Model -  Single and Multi-stage Approach



Chapter 5 

Option Pricing Models:

The Black-Scholes-Merton Model 

Chapter        8 

Forwards & Futures 

Chapter    11 



Assigned Lectures

Lecture #1

Lecture #2

Lecture #3

Lecture #4

Lecture #4a (Intro to BOPM)

Lecture #5



Lecture #6

Lecture #7

Recording Lecture

ON LINE With Professor Drou

Swaps - PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture #8


Lectures on YouTube


Introductions to Options and Basic Strategies


Introduction to Option Valuation

One-Period BOPM (Leverage & Probability Method) Call Option 1/3

Two-Period BOPM - Call Option 2/3

Two-Stage BOPM - Put Option 3/3


Interest Rate Swaps - The Basics 1/3

Interest Rate Swaps and benefits 2/3

Simple Interest Rate Swaps 3/3

Currency Swaps & CDS


Assigned Spreadsheets


Basic Option Strategies

Option Spreads

Bionomial Option Pricing Model Method 1 (6-step Method)

BOPM (single and 2-period) Method 2


Black Scholes Option Model

Futures & Forwards





Mid-Term Exam

Options Formula

Midterm Exam Answers


Final Exam

Options Formula

Homework Assignments


Homework #1:

Chapter 6 #10, 12, 13 (no graph for 13)

Answers H#1

Homework #2:

Chapter 7 #6,9,13 

Answers H#2

Homework #3:

Homework Link #3

Answers H#3


Homework #4:

Homework Link #4

Answers H#4


Reading Assignments

Greeks in Finance

Horse Racing & Options


SIFMA Insights: US Listed Options Primer




Cummulative Normal Distribution Table

Article on Black Scholes

WSJ Futures Prices

Yahoo Finance Futures Prices

The Big Short Clip on CDS


Project Assigments


WSJ (6/1/2015): Weather Forecast Dampens Wheat Prices