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Course Title: Capital Markets

Four digit Code: 1033

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Syllabus - Summer 2020

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Baruch CAPS Capital Markets Course Outline -  Lectures , Assignments and Exams


Class Scheduled Mon, Wed, Thu Roon# VC 10-160 

Office Hours:

Saturdays 7:00-8:00am


By Appointment

May 19

May 26

June 2

June 9

Jun 16

June 23

June 30 

July 7 

July 14 

July 21 


Assigned Chapters


To Purchase the Textbook

1 - 4

Chapter 1 Excel Sheet










Assigned Lectures

Risk, Return, Time & Allocation and Portfolio Management Concepts

Powerpoint Presentation Chapter 1 Risk & Return Overview

Primary Markets- Bonds

Powerpoint Presentation - Chapter 7 Primary Market Bonds


Secondary Markets:
Bond Prices & Yield

#3b Valuation of Bonds

Powerpoint Presentation - Chapter 11 Secondary Bond Markets

Primary Markets: Equity (IPO and Public Companies)

Powerpoint Presentation Chapter 6 - IPO Equity Markets

Equity Markets: Public Companies - The 7 Methods of Valuation

Powerpoint Presentation - Chapter 17 - Equity Valuation

Equity Markets: Raising Equity for Private Companies

Midterm Exam Review



Equity Markts: Valuation of Private Companies

Powerpoint Presentation - Chapter 17 - Equity Valuation

LBOs, M&A, and other Capital Market Deals 

Final Exam Review



Zoom Recordings


Zoom Recording June 9 Password: 7F?s+^^c


Assigned Spreadsheets

Risk Return TVM

Scenario Portfolio Return, Covariance & Correlation

Beta Coefficient

Statistics Worksheet


Bond Yields, Duration and Convexity


Hyatt - Public Company Valuation

AK Steel & Methods of Public Company Valuation Analysis


Case 1: Mid-Cap LBO - Equity Return Analysis, WACC, CAPM and IRR





Midterm Review

Cap Markets Midterm Exam Answers


Final Exam 


Homework Assignments


Due #1



Chapter 11 Homework #1

Due #2

Calculate the Enteprise Value of your assigned company by using the current Stock Price, Stock Outstanding, Debt Outstanding, Cash on Balance Sheet (METHOD #1)

Assigned Companies


Due #3

(Due Date: July 25)



Homework #3 Link


Reading Assignments

RORs 1926 - 2016


Uber Valuation - Ready for IPO

Yahoo Finance


Project Assignments