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Question 1 Midterm Exam Worksheet

Cash Flow Analysis

Spring 2013 Seminars by Professor Drou:


March 13, 2013 10am - 1pm:


Financial Risk Management

Lecture One - Financial Analysis

Lecture Two - Valuation Analysis

Lecture Three - Financial Risk Management


Budgeting and Planning for Corporations and Governments

Lecture 1 - Understanding Financial Statements

Lecture 2 - Budget and Planning - Corporate

Lecture 3 - Understanding Government Budgeting

Lecture 4 - Planning Implementation and Monitoring - Government


Spreadsheet 1 - Financial Analysis

Spreadsheet 2 - Corporate Projections



Understanding Financial Statements - Outline

Understanding Financial Statements - Presentation

Understanding Financial Statements - Spreadsheet



Structuring Small and Middle Market Loans

Case Stusy of Middle Market LBO - ABC Company

U.S. Loan Syndications

Capital Markets

Presentation of U.S Syndications Market

Banking Series: U.S. Loan Syndication - Chinese transalation

US Syndications - Summer 2013

ESA 1995, 1996 and 1997 Worksheet

ESA 1995 and 1996 Sources & Uses statements



Government Audit Lectures

Government Auditing Techinques based on FAM (4 phases)



How to Effectively Run a Community Bank

Efficient Work Flow

High Performance Team

Project Pizza CIM