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Professor Chris Droussiotis, C.H.E., M.B.A


Welcome to my class!
This web space is to provide Professor Droussiotis' students with lecture notes, homework and project assignments, reading assignments, case studies, financial modeling spreadsheets and links - Check the menu of classes on the left of this page.

 The Link below will access the professor on-line. Please email the professor ahead of time to schedule an on-line chat including a white board, chat, voice and video: 

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Hello students,

My preliminary edition textbook is now available for purchase. An Analytical Approach to Investments, Finance, and Credit (Preliminary Edition) is published and distributed by Cognella, Inc.

Cognella is committed to publishing affordable learning materials for students, so when you purchase directly through their student store, you’ll always receive the lowest price possible.

 For print textbooks purchased from the Cognella student store, you’ll also receive a PDF file of the first 30% of the material so you can begin reading and studying right away. eBooks will be immediately available upon purchase.




To purchase your own copy go to the following link:

Columbia University students (ERM 5001 Introduction to Finance): 


Baruch College students (FIN 3710 Investment Analysis):

Baruch College students (FIN 4710 Advanced Investment Analysis):

 Baruch College CAPS students (FIN 0009 Derivatives): 


 Seton Hall University  students (BFIN2201):

 Seton Hall University  students (Derivatives):




Though not required, the text book includes information that we will reference and use in class regularly as part of the lectures. Please keep in mind that our school is strict about copyright law and course material should never be copied or duplicated in any manner.

 If you need any help ordering from the Cognella student store email or call 858-552-1120 x 503

 Textbook Info: "An Analytical Approach to Investments, Finance and Credit" - Comprehensive Spreadsheet Analytics on the Equity, Debt and Derivative Markets; Financial, Credit, Investments and Valuation Analysis; Portfolio Management - 4 Parts,18 Chapters  Auhtor: Chris Droussiotis, MBA, C.H.E. , Preliminary Edition Cognella Publication Company (ISBN 978-1-5165-4911-5),  


I co-authored this new publication that is just out: Mergers & Acquisitions - A Practitioner's Guide to Successful Deals

13 professors got together last year and each wrote one chapter based on their expertise. I wrote chapter 11 "Leveraged Buyouts  (LBOs): The Financial Engineeing of Transactions and Evolution of LBOS". The chief editor and author is Dr. Harvey Poniachec, my long life mentor and MBA professor.

Link to Amazon

Link to Publishing Company


The survival and prosperity of any corporation over the long term depend on the company's ability to grow and develop through a process of investment, restructuring, and redeployment. Since the late 19th century, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have become an essential vehicle for corporate change, fuelled by synergies that could arise from expansion of sales and earnings, reduction in cost, and lower taxes and cost of capital.

M&A transactions, however, are complex and risky and are affected by the state business cycle, financial conditions, regulations, and technology. Approximately two-thirds of all M&A deals fail. This book seeks to provide an effective and comprehensive framework, predominantly embedded in corporate finance, for achieving greater success. Written by academics and practitioners, it integrates business strategies with formal analysis relating to M&A deal making, providing a coherent statement on M&A by utilizing scholarly work with best practices by industry.

The authors provide extensive analytical review and applications of the following critical M&A issues: valuation, leveraged buyouts, payment methods and their implications, tax issues, corporate governance, and the regulatory environment, including antitrust in M&A. The book globalizes the M&A model by extending it to cross-border business, risk and select hedging methods, and addresses postmerger integration.

This book is intended as a reading text for a course in M&A for undergraduates and MBA programs, and for practitioners as a handbook.

Chapter: Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs): The Financial Engineering of Transactions and Evolution of LBOs (Chris Droussiotis) 



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