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The course is designed to introduce theoretical and practical applications of financial futures, options and other derivatives such Swaps, Swaptions and FRAs.  Over the last 30 plus years, with the expansion of hedge funds, the markets for these asset classes have grown enormously and has generated innovative techniques for hedging, speculating or arbitraging investments. Derivatives have become one of the most important tools of modern finance. We will examine the institutional aspects of futures, options and swap markets and provide an analytical foundation for the pricing these instruments. The subject matter requires relatively greater use of quantitative methods including the binomial option pricing model as well as the classic model of Black-Scholes-Merton.

Course Outline -  Lectures , Assignments and Exams










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Muscarelle Hall 111


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Link to Text Book

Text Book

Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management 10th Edition

ISBN-13: 9781305104969

Authors: Don M. Chance; Roberts Brooks

Publisher: Cengage Learning

      Chapter    1, 2

Introduction & Structure of Derivatives Markets 

Chapter 6 

Basic Option Strategies 

Chapter 7 

Advanced Option Strategies 

Chapter 3 

Principal of Option Pricing
 Intro to Binomial Pricing Model - Method #1

Chapter 4 

Option Pricing Models:

The Binomial Model -  Single and Multi-stage Approach


Chapter 5 

Option Pricing Models:

The Black-Scholes-Merton Model 


Instructor's Notes:
 Equity Valuations using Options approach

Chapter        8 

Forwards & Futures 

Chapter    11 


Chapter 12

Credit Swaps, TRS
and CDS 









Chapter 12

Interest Rate Forwards & FRAs


Assigned Lectures

Lecture #1

Powerpoint Introduction to Derivatives

Lecture #2

Options: Concepts, Strategy and Valuations

Lecture #3

Options: Concepts, Strategy and Valuations

Lecture #4

Options: Concepts, Strategy and Valuations

Lecture #5

Options: Concepts, Strategy and Valuations

Lecture #6

Options: Concepts, Strategy and Valuations


Lecture #7

Futures, Forwards and Swaps Powerpoint

Lecture #8

Futures, Forwards and Swaps Powerpoint

Lecture #9

Futures, Forwards and Swaps Powerpoint

Lecture #10

Futures, Forwards and Swaps Powerpoint


Lecture on YouTube


Introductions to Options and Basic Strategies


Introduction to Option Valuation

One-Period BOPM (Leverage & Probability Method) Call Option 1/3

Two-Period BOPM - Call Option 2/3

Two-Stage BOPM - Put Option 3/3


Interest Rate Swaps - The Basics 1/3

Interest Rate Swaps and benefits 2/3

Simple Interest Rate Swaps 3/3

Currency Swaps & CDS


Assigned Spreadsheets


Basic Option Strategies

Advance Option Strategies

Bionomial Option Pricing Model Method 1 (6-step Method)

BOPM (single and 2-period) Method 2

Black Scholes Option Model


Midterm Exam Review

Options Formula

Options Practice Sheet with Answers


Equity Val using Black Scholes

Futures & Forwards










Final Exam

Final Exam Review

Zoom Recording 5/5

Question 8 Exam

Options Practice Sheet with Answers

Options Formula


Homework Assignments


Homework #1

Chapter 6 #10, 12, 13 (no graph for 13)

Text Book Homework #1

Homework #2:

Chapter 7 #6,9,13 

Text Book Homework #2


Homework #3:

Homework Link #3

Homework #4:

Homework #4 Link (CD Textbook Chapter 13 BOPM)


Homework #5:

Homework Link #5

Homework #6:

Homework Link #6

Homework #7:

Homework Link #7


Reading Assignments

ARTICLE: GameStop's Gargantuan Gamma Squeeze

GameStop Charts

Greeks in Finance

SIFMA Insights: US Listed Options Primer


WSJ: FB says Apple's Privacy Changes Hurt Digital Ad Measurement

CNBC Option Segment on FB's sadden drop in stock

Options Page on FB

FB PUT Option Spreadsheet

You Tube Clip on Nike Calender Spread Strategy ahead of Earnings in September 2019

Nike Stock Price

Nike Stock Option

Horse Racing & Options


Article on Black Scholes

Bitcoin Assume Option Valuation


WSJ Futures Prices

Yahoo Finance Futures Prices

Total Return Swap gone wrong - Article

The Big Short Clip on CDS

LIBOR MARKETS Interest Rates

Managing Negative Interest Rates


Practice Sheets


Options Practice Sheet with Answers

Trading and valuing Options


The Greeks in Options Explain


Chapter 14 Futures and Forwards