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Baruch FIN 4710
Columbia University Introduction to Finance - Mondays (MONDAY)
Columbia University Introduction to Finance - Thursdays (THURSDAY)
Seton Hall - Derivatives
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Baruch Exec. MS FIN 9793
Baruch CAPS Cap Markets
Baruch CAPS - Corp. Fin.
Baruch CAPS Debt Markets
Baruch CAPS - Derivatives
Baruch CAPS Equity Markets
Baruch CAPS - International Accountancy
Baruch CAPS International Finance
Baruch CAPS - Investment Banking
Baruch Lecture Series - Banking and Finance
Baruch Lecture Series - Valuation of Intangible Assets
Baruch Lecture Series - Mergers and Acquisitions
Baruch Summer Leadership Academy - Lecture Series
City Unity College Statements & Budgeting
Fordham - MBA Into Fin. Sys & Methods
Fordham Credit & Banking
Seton Hall - Bus. Fin. BFIN2201

Please open the spreadsheet below and save it on the desktop with you last name, space and first name (i.e. Smith John.xls). 

After you save, please open the spreadsheet from the desktop.

 You also not allowed to have any other notes or spreadsheets on the computer. The only notes that you aloweed are the hard copies  by your side. 

 Remember to save your work every 5-10 minutes. 

 After you finish, save your work on the destop and then open the Midterm Exam page and save it on the dropbox link below. Make sure you let the professor know that you saved it before you leave the zoom room. The professor will need to verify that your exam was received. 

 Again, do not leave the zoom room until your exam file is with the professor.